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Meadow is a true healer with extraordinary intuition and skills. Her massages are fantastic and incorporate a great mix of both muscular and energetic work. When putting together my birth team, Meadow was an obvious choice. As a single prospective parent, I needed a really solid doula. Meadow's labor support was absolutely invaluable. She had an enormous impact on my ability to move through labor successfully and deliver my baby safely at home. As someone who's been in Meadow's care for almost a decade, I would recommend her to anyone.
- Libbey Goldberg, mother of Lila

Meadow was indispensable at our birth. She was the constant candle burning, slow and bright, through a long, intense experience. She offered her skills, knowledge, and stability throughout late pregnancy and into the birth, and we still occasionally call on her 3 months later. Her deep understanding of the body and the heart made her the trusting, wise person we always wanted in the room, and I can't imagine how we would've had a natural birth without her.
- Frieda Kipar Bay, mother of Yarrow

Meadow is a wise and skillful doula. She was indispensable to our birthing process, from the beginning of our pregnancy through the weeks after birth. Over and over again, Meadow has known the perfect thing to say or do to guide us through challenging moments. Her wise words, steady voice, and skillful body inspire strength and confidence. Throughout our pregnancy, she provided us with endless wisdom, information, and emotional support. She always knew exactly when to offer something, and when to step back and give us space.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Meadow to anyone looking for a guide through the beautiful and challenging birthing process. I honestly don't know if we could have done it without her.
- Jesse Olsen Bay, father of Yarrow

I don't think that I would have made it through my two labors without Meadow there. My first experience was 60 hours in the hospital and Meadow was there the whole time, by my side, massaging me, singing to me, relaxing me, making me smile, reminding me that I was ok. The second time I birthed at home. As soon as she walked into my house, she went straight to my side, started breathing with me, grounded me, and helped me surrender. I had an amazing experience at home, mainly thanks to her.

I don't know what to say. Any woman who is lucky enough to work with Meadow will have a sacred birth. She is a profound woman in the world, and reminds women of the beauty of birthing, rather than the fear that most doctors instill in a woman. I can't imagine a better guide to be with you.
- Maya Lane, mother of Bobby Sol and Hunter

To anyone considering Meadow Evans as a doula, I offer the highest recommendation. Her pre-birth meetings with us were informative as well as collaborative, helping us frame the issues related tochildbirth and articulate the kind of experience we were aiming for. During the birth, she seamlessly tuned in to my (and my husband's) "need frequency," by turns offering strong support and taking a step back when each was warranted. She reminded me of forgotten tools I could access at the perfect moments during my labor. And she amazed us with her ability to tirelessly stick with us through the whole process. Her follow-ups after the birth were nurturing and greatly appreciated.
- Bronwyn Ximm, mother of Ember and Juniper

Meadow became one of the most amazing people in my life during and after my birth. She brings to a birth her strength, grace, consistency, love, and knowledge. She is like a flowing river in which to dip your cup when thirsty. She weaves herself into the most beautiful moment of your life without being overbearing; being exactly where you need her to be, standing back when you need space, presenting all your options and holding space for you to decide. Not to mention when my husband could no longer stand up. she was able to step in and be a perfect breath, a backup, a love.

I would be happy to go on for hours as a reference for anyone needing more details.
- Kate Thompson, mother of Shepard

Meadow is amazing. Her natural pace is calming and soothing. She is the most grounding and intuitive person I have known. She has a full understanding of the body and birth through doula experience, dance, bodywork and massage, and through giving birth herself. We poured over her handy folder of information and passed it along to others. She suggested teas and sitz baths (blessing pre and post labor)! I'll never forget how she walked into our birth as I was beached in our birth tub in active labor. She sighed and said with a huge smile, "You look so beautiful!" Later on, as sensation was taking its toll, I looked at Meadow. I felt completely held. Completely understood. Like we had traveled way into the past where women and sisters cared for and supported each other during birth. She knew exactly what I needed. She breathed for and with me. She nodded and said, �This is how it�s supposed to feel. You are doing it right now.� We were in the shower at one point mostly in the dark, at my request, and I saw Meadow�s hands in front of me on the shower wall, and felt her arms, strong under my armpits�bracing us both. Willa emerged, lovely and perfect. Meadow held us all and I feel so very lucky to know her and to have shared this: the most magical experience of all.
- Rhaetia Hanscum, mother of Willa


I have had the pleasure of experiencing Meadow's gifted hands as a dancer, a pregnant woman and within my most vulnerable moments. I leave sessions with Meadow's confident hands relaxed and calmed to my core. Her knowledge of the body is complete in its application and her ability to intuitively follow sinews and threads is unmatched. I recommend her work to anyone looking for deep, grounded bodywork across the lifespan.
- Debby Gipsman Roisman RN, Doula, bodyworker, Student Midwife

I am so lucky to have found Meadow as a massage therapist. I have been going to her now for a couple of years. I am someone who likes my massages a particular way, and Meadow is the ONLY one who can achieve that. She has a tremendous sense of the body. I especially like her because she has a gentle touch, yet can still work out the kinks I have in my body. She always listens to my needs and I just melt into the table when she works on me. Her physical and emotional energy is like no other and I feel lucky to have met her.
- Anja Hyman

Hands down, Meadow is the best massage therapist my husband or I have ever experienced. We started seeing Meadow for massages in March of 2004, and from the first massage, we became die hard fans. She gives just the right amount of pressure: firm and gentle, deep but not bruising, and she is very sensitive and responsive to whatever your body needs at a given moment. My husband is an athletic swimmer who seeks out deep pressure and wants utter silence during a massage. He has often walked away from other massage therapists feeling like he's been beaten up, but with Meadow, he consistently gets the deep muscle work without the pain that others inflict. I tend to get chatty during massage, and Meadow has been a wonderful listener as my body and mind release whatever tension they've been holding on to. I also find that her touch conveys a tangible healing energy, attuned to my spiritual as well as physical wellbeing. I've never experienced anything like it. I've referred family and friends to Meadow, even though my gut impulse is to be greedy and hoard her. ;) She is a GEM.
- Julianna and Brent Velthoen

I have been going to Meadow for 5 years now. Each massage experience is consistently soothing and therapeutic. Her knowledge of massage therapy and caring personality make the weekly trip across the bridge well worth the hour and half of serenity. If we were on Yelp... 5 stars for sure!
- Tod Eidson

I've been receiving bodywork from Meadow for almost 10 years, and she's still got the most inspiring hands I've ever known. She manages to reconnect and unwind my stressed out body with a gentle, intuitive touch. I've been to her for deep muscle issues, realignment, pre-natal massage, and simply to 'put me back in my body'. Life is hard on my body--Meadow makes it so much better.
- Frieda Kipar Bay

Meadow is a gifted massage therapist with a deep presence and kindness in her touch. I feel lucky to have received many sessions from her and look forward to many more.
- Sara Van Zutphen, CMT, CST

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