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Birth Support

Giving birth is a primary experience of life. It joins women across the divides of culture, class, geography, and time and gives us each an opportunity to see ourselves at the root. It is challenging, beautiful, euphoric, intense, emotional, and entirely possible. Birth has its own ways and logic that are encoded deep in our cells. Our bodies do know how to give birth in the same way that they know how to create a completely new person in nine months. We, however, have some work to do to leave the rational control-oriented realm of the mind and enter the intuitive, curious animal self of the body that carries this knowledge.

As a doula, I am here to help you with this work. We begin with 2-3 meetings before the birth; satisfying the needs of the mind by talking about what labor looks like, some common situations that arise and various ways to work with them, and visualizations you can use to clear the mind before and during labor. We address the body by discussing laboring positions, breathing and massage techniques, and the simple creature comforts that make you feel safe and able to birth more easily. We also suss out your resources as an individual and as a couple, if working with a partner. We talk about your hopes, fears, and emotions around the idea of birth and use this as a rich ground to get to know each other in order to be a cohesive team for labor. I am available by phone and email throughout the pregnancy.

Once labor begins, I come to you when you are ready for me to be there. I provide massage, aromatherapy, reassurance to you and your partner, act as a liaison and advocate with your care provider, and witness you in this transformation. I am an informational resource if questions arise, a buffer around you and your partner, a pair of clear eyes and a steadying hand if you need them. I see my work as an act of following, gauging when to appear and disappear to support your work fully. I never make decisions for you and am not a replacement for your partner. Rather, I make more space for the two of you to connect, offering concrete tools that he or she can use to help you with the labor and giving you both the peace of mind that you will be in good hands when your partner needs to rest, eat, or clear his or her head.

After the birth, I stay for several hours until you are settled into bed and ready to rest. I return 1-2 times to check on you in the first two weeks to make sure all is well with your healing, breastfeeding and processing of the birth. I continue to be available by phone or email into the postpartum period.

  • Free interview/ consultation
  • 2-3 Prenatal Meetings
  • On Call period 2 weeks prior to your due date with ongoing phone and email support through the pregnancy and postpartum period.
  • Comprehensive labor support including:
    • Help with positions, imagery, and breath
    • Massage
    • Informational Resource
    • Aromatherapy
    • Access to Lending Library and Birth Ball
    • Song
    • Integration of Partner and Birth Team
    • Intuitive Care up until several hours after birth
  • 1-2 Postpartum Visits, depending on need

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