Grey Crane Bodywork and Birth Support
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My life has centered on tracking the body. This practice has had many faces: dancer, body worker, backpacker, doula, energy worker, Hakomi recipient, and mother. All of these strands have woven together to form an intuitive and informed ground from which I work. I received my massage certification from the Institue of Conscious Bodywork in 2001 and have done massage as my primary work since then. I added a prenatal massage training in 2003, which makes up about one third of my clientele, and then followed that thread of curiosity through to a doula training through Natural Resources in 2005. After a year of volunteering at births, I began my doula practice in earnest in 2006. I am constantly moved by the ways of the body’s unfolding; now subtle, now powerful, now wild, now gentle and am committed to trusting that process and supporting it in my clients. I am deeply lucky to be held in my work by my husband, Keith, and my son, Emrys, who was born at home in 2009.

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