Grey Crane Bodywork and Birth Support
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All of my services are offered on a sliding scale basis. Practically, this means that I provide a range of prices that feel good to me from which you choose a price that feels good to you. I believe adamantly that the services I offer are integral to one's health and should be accessible to all. As such, if the bottom range of my sliding scale is not possible due to financial hardship, please contact me and we will find a solution.

Sliding scale, $85-105 for a 70 minute session, $110-150 for a 90 minute session

Package of 5 70 minute sessions: $400 ($80 each)
Package of 5 90 minute sessions: $500 ($100 each)

Birth Support:
Sliding scale, $1300-1800
Integrated Package: Birth Support plus 3 70 minute bodywork sessions: $1550-2050

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